Bodywork Classes and Courses

We offer a range of bodywork classes and events suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Please download our weekly timetable here

General Information

Please inform the teacher before starting a class if you have any injury or health condition, especially heart problems, diabetes, Meniere’s disease, detached retina, MS, epilepsy, or if you have recently had an operation.

If you are pregnant please enquire about suitable classes. Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. We recommend that you do not eat for 2 hours before a yoga/Pilates class.

All classes are drop-in and suitable for complete beginners unless otherwise stated.

Discount Card and Gift Vouchers

  • Buy 10 £10 classes for £90. Applies to all £10 classes.
  • Buy 10 £12 classes for £108. Applies to all £12 classes.
  • T’ai Chi 1 & 2 £15 (10 classes for £135).
  • All discount cards are valid for three months.

Booking arrangements for day and weekend events

Full payment is needed for all bookings. Payment can be transferred 72 hours before the start date subject to a £10 administration fee. After this point no transfers will be made.