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BAM! Buddhist Action Month at the NLBC throughout June

This June is Buddhist Action Month and the theme for this year is Connecting for Change. The NLBC we be taking part and we are inviting you to take your dharma and meditation practice off the cushion and into action!

Some of the activities during BAM! are:

  • Make a pledge on our Tree of Intentions
  • Donations for a local homeless charity
  • Early morning meditation at the centre more info
  • BAM Buddhist Action Day (incl. Guerilla Gardening) on Saturday 24 June more info
  • Special BAM themed Sangha Nights more info
  • Throughout June
    With: Santva, Lottie
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Introduction to Buddhism - The Wheel of Life (start 29 June)

    How we act determines how we live our lives. Yet most of our actions are the repetition of unconscious habits.

    The Wheel of Life, a Buddhist Symbol, articulates how we habitually re- become ourselves and why. Our study will introduce fundamental Buddhist ideas.

    Through our exploration we will more fully understand ourselves and together learn how we might start to change our unproductive habits to choose happier more fulfilling lives.

    5 Thursday evenings
    Thu 29 June - Thu 27 July 2017
    With: Vajramitra
    £35 concession

    Booking required

    Full Moon Puja - Dedicated to Shakyamuni (Jul 2017)

    An evening of meditation and devotional practice dedicated to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who represent different aspects of the Awakened Mind.

    Tonight's puja is dedicated to Shakyamuni.

    For those who know our basic Triratna meditation practices.

    Friday 7th July 2017, 19:30 - 21:30
    With: Kusaladana
    £10/ £5 (concession)
    Going Deeper
    No booking required

    Women’s class - On the second Saturday of the Month

    Women’s class with guest speakers:

  • 13 May: Parami is International Order Convener and will share her experience of over 40 years in Triratna NB: ***This class will be in the morning from 10.15-12.45 ****
  • 10 June: Vanaraji will focus on insight into the illusion of self through direct experience and what is possible when we get out of our own way
  • 8 July: Srivati will talk about a tendency to be too busy and how to balance self and other – an apparent dichotomy
  • 12 August: Dhammagita will focus on the development of awareness through the body. She draws on art, drama and bodywork and a firm belief that depth and fun can co-exist

    guests TBC for Sept, October, November.

    *** There will be a Women’s class weekend retreat from 8-10 December ***

  • On the second Saturday of the month,

    Please note that class on 13 May will be in the morning from 10.15-12.45

    *** There will be a Women’s class weekend retreat from 8-10 December ***
    With: Karunagita and Team
    By donation
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Dharma Day Festival - Sun 9 July

    A celebration of the Teaching of the Buddha.

    Programme to be confirmed.

    Sunday 9th July 2017, 11:00 - 17:00
    With: Visuddhimati
    Free event. Donations welcome.
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Young People at NLBC (Sub35)

    Are you between 18 and 35 years old and interested in Buddhism?

    Are you tired of the stories that dominate our personal and public lives? Do you have a sense that there must be something else, but don’t yet know what it is?

    With discussion, exploration and meditation, plus coffee and croissants, we will connect with what is meaningful and ask what Buddhism can offer us to transform ourselves and the world.

    A new series starting May 20th!

    Every third Saturday of the month
    On 20 May, 17 June, 15 July, 19 Aug, Sept 16th

    With: Karunagita, Dharmaprabha, Akasapriya, Aryajit, Lottie, Annie
    Free. Donations welcome.
    Open to All
    No booking required

    The Way of the Bodhisattva - Practice Day for Men

    An afternoon for men exploring the Bodhisattva - an important figure from the Buddhist tradition- and how it can inspire us in our lives.

    An afternoon of discussion, meditation and cups of tea.

    Sat 29 July 2017, 14.00-17.00
    With: Abhilasa, Kusala, Aryajit
    Free event. Donations welcome
    Open to All
    No booking required