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Meditation Toolkit for Regular Meditators

Our meditation toolkit explores strategies for taking our meditation practice further. Suitable for anyone who has already learned the two basic practices and wants to go deeper.

Tuesdays 19.00-21.30
With: Visuddhimati, Shraddhasara, and friends
£10/ £5 (concession)
Going Deeper
No booking required

Meditation for Regular Meditators - Lunchtime Drop-in

Meditation practice session for those with experience of our basic meditation practices.

Wednesdays 13.00-14.00
With: The Centre Team
£6/ £2 (concession)
Going Deeper
No booking required

Full Moon Puja - Dedicated to Shakyamuni (Fri 1 Dec 2017)

An evening of meditation and devotional practice dedicated to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who represent different aspects of the Awakened Mind.

Tonight's puja is dedicated to Shakyamuni.

For those who know our basic Triratna meditation practices.

Fri 1 Dec 2017, 19:30 - 21:30
With: Abhilasa
£10/ £5 (concession)
Going Deeper
No booking required

Women’s class weekend retreat (Fri 8 - Sun 10 Dec 2017)

A weekend of meditation, talks, discussion and other shared practice in the context of a retreat in countryside.

Open to all women who have attended any of the NLBC women’s classes during 2017.

Please note: Most rooms are shared, some have bunk beds

The retreat will be held at Redfield Retreat Centre in Buckingham.

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon Fri 8 - Sun 10 Dec 2017
With: Karunagita, Singhashri, women's class team
£130 low income
£95 concession

Going Deeper
Booking required (7 places left)

Meditation and Ritual on New Year's Evening (Sun 31 Dec 2017)

An evening of stillness, poetry, and reflection for regular meditators.

Please note: entry only at the given times.

20.30-21.00 Arrive: Doors open
21.00-21.50 Readings and meditation (doors closed)
21.50-22.00 Arrive: Doors open
22.00-22.45 Readings and meditation (doors closed)
22.45-23.15 Arrive: Doors open with festive tea break
23.15-00.00 New Year's Puja (doors closed)

Sun 31 Dec 2017, 20.30 - midnight

Doors open at 20.30, 21.50 and 22.45
With: Dharmaprabha, Akasapriya
By donation
Going Deeper
No booking required

MBCT (Mindfulness for Healthy Living) Top-up course - starts Thurs 12 Apr 2018

For those who have already completed one or more 8-week mindfulness course, have a regular ongoing meditation practice and are committed to developing a deeper relationship with their practice. With Lokadhi Lloyd, MA, PGDip (Mindfulness), PGDip (Psychosynthesis), BACP. An opportunity to dialogue about mindfulness meditation in a small group.

Lokadhi has extensive experience and training in teaching mindfulness-based approaches. Please click here
for more about Lokadhi, or click here
for more about mindfulness training with Lokadhi.

Thurs 12, 19 and 26 Apr 2018
With: Lokadhi
£60 concession

Going Deeper
Booking required (20 places left)