Meditation Day Events

People of Colour Sangha event - Sun 26 November

An event for the People of Colour Sangha. For us to come together to meditate and be inspired by the Buddha’s teaching to free our minds.

Beginners and experienced meditators are all welcomed.

Please bring vegetarian or vegan lunch to share.

Sun 26 Nov 2017, 10.00-16.00
With: Jayakara, Nandaraja, Sujhayini
Suggested donation £20 / £10 (concession)
Open to All
No booking required

Meditation and Ritual on New Year's Evening (Sun 31 Dec 2017)

An evening of stillness, poetry, and reflection for regular meditators.

Please note: entry only at the given times.

20.30-21.00 Arrive: Doors open
21.00-21.50 Readings and meditation (doors closed)
21.50-22.00 Arrive: Doors open
22.00-22.45 Readings and meditation (doors closed)
22.45-23.15 Arrive: Doors open with festive tea break
23.15-00.00 New Year's Puja (doors closed)

Sun 31 Dec 2017, 20.30 - midnight

Doors open at 20.30, 21.50 and 22.45
With: Dharmaprabha, Akasapriya
By donation
Going Deeper
No booking required