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Introductory Meditation Lunchtime Drop-in

We introduce two core meditation practices: the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (loving kindness) practices.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 13.00-14.00
With: The Centre Team
£6/ £3 (concession)
No booking required

Meditation for Regular Meditators - Lunchtime Drop-in

Meditation practice session for those with experience of our basic meditation practices.

Wednesdays 13.00-14.00
With: The Centre Team
£6/ £3 (concession)
Going Deeper
No booking required

Iyengar Yoga

The Iyengar method places special focus on developing strength, endurance and correct body alignment in addition to flexibility and relaxation.

Classes are sequenced, emphasise precision, include a variety of poses and are designed to concentrate on different aspects promoting overall well-being.

Regular practice is energising and promotes excellent body awareness.

A yoga practice for anyone and everyone!

Saturdays 13.15-14.45
With: Fran Nixon
Open to All
No booking required

Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is an effective approach for learning to improve our capacity for graceful action. It works by enhancing awareness through gentle exploratory movements in order to increase our sensitivity for comfort and ease.

Improvement in posture, breathing, coordination and flexibility are among the many benefits the Feldenkrais Method offers the individual and it is suitable for anyone whether they seek improvement developing a performance related skill, support in recovering from injury or want to cultivate more harmony throughout their daily activities.

Monday 13.00-14.15
With: Colin Poole
Open to All
No booking required

Mindful Compassion Relationship training (MCRT) - Love, Intimacy & the Heart resilience training, Thu eve starts 24 Oct 2019

The relationship may be partner, parent, child, friend or work colleagues. Here you will learn to reflect, challenge, change & transform the difficult, conditioned past.

The training works directly with insight, wisdom, resilience & de stress tolerance skills. By noticing, observing through direct experience we allow spot light of kindly awareness to inform & transform the historical, difficult conditioned self, we will lightly open up and engage with these difficult patterns, struggles, obstacles, fears, angst and confusions in relationships.

Engaging with compassionate & mindfulness training to transform the mental, physical knots and emotional elucidating blocks often found in relationships i.e. blaming, making the other responsible, the judging critical mind, low self-worth, demanding/neediness, trust issues, anger, vengeful, undermining, loss of power, insecurity etc.

PippaO'Connor – BSc, MSc.PG Dip. Senior lecturer in the clinical applications of (MBCT) Mindfulness & Cognitive Therapy. Dip Relationship trainer. Practicing at the Priory Hospital & Tavistock Hospital. Also the North London Buddhist Centre. Dip Relationship & Family Therapy.

Supported by: Andi Stapleton – BA, MSc, MA. Psychotherapist specialising in Executive Coaching, Resilience training. MBCT Cert: private and corporate sectors: Priory Hospital / Priory Wellness Clinic and private practice.

Thu 24 Oct - Thu 12 Dec 2019 (8 weeks)
Practice day Sat 29 Feb 2020
13.30 -17.30
With: Pippa O'Connor, Andi Stapleton
£215 low income
£155 on benefits

Open to All
Booking required (16 places left)

(CMBT) Mindfulness & Compassionate Mind Behaviour Training - Wed eve starts 13 Nov 2019

Without compassion we can not be aware, nor transform our intimate, personal and impersonal relationships. The need is greater than ever before, to be able to be present with our compassionate self by stabilizing, managing these challenging, frantic and difficult times.

Compassionate Mindfulness Behaviour Training (CMBT); is for anyone wanting to let go of difficult emotions using evidenced based CMBT techniques to train and transform our negative thoughts and feelings.(e.g. depression, stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, loneliness)

Instead of fighting difficult emotions, critical and judgemental thinking of self and other with CMBT we will learn to accept and lessen reactivity and find new helpful and skilful ways to be with ourselves and others by cultivating kindly awareness.

CMBT includes the MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Training for depression, anxiety and worry. The CMBT training is the added component to integrate change, wisdom, joy, equanimity and compassion for transformation in our life.

Suitable for newcomers and for anyone who wishes to enhance their skills.

Pippa O'Connor is a psychotherapist (BSc, MSc: PGCE & Dip) and senior lecturer in the Mindfulness Based Clinical Applications at the North London Hospital Southgate. She is a Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Consultant at Tavistock Hospital and has a BSC in Cognitive Behaviour, Addiction and Trauma/ DIP Trauma/ EMDR.

6 Wednesday sessions 13 Nov, 20 Nov, 27 Nov, 4 Dec, 11 Dec, 18 Dec
Sun 15 Dec (6th & 7th session)
Practice day: Sat 29 Feb 2020, 13.30-17.30
With: Pippa O'Connor
£215 low income
£155 on benefits

Prices include materials.
Open to All
Booking required (7 places left)

Follow up day/ Taster Day and Mindfulness Catch Up - Sat 29 Feb 2020

Practice session for those who have completed an MBCT or CMBT course and an introduction for those who wish to find out more about this approach.

Pippa O'Connor is a psychotherapist (BSc, MSc: CERT Dip) and senior lecturer in the Mindfulness Based Clinical Applications at the North London Hospital Southgate. She is a Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness teacher at Tavistock Hospital and has a BSC in Cognitive Behavior, Addiction and Trauma / DIP Trauma / EMDR.

Sat 29 Feb 2020
With: Pippa O'Connor
By donation
Open to All
No booking required