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Under 35's Day Retreat: From reactivity to creativity (Sun 1 March 2020)

In order to change the world, we start by changing our minds. Through transforming our habitual thought patterns we enter into a realm of creativity and freedom.

Join the sub35 team for a day of meditative practice, reflection and discussion. Suitable for newcomers and regulars.

Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share.

Sun 1 March 2020; 10.00-17.00
With: Moksadhi & the sub35 team
Free event. Donations welcome.
Open to All
No booking required

Doorway to the Deep (start Thu 26 Mar 2020)

An intensive meditation course for those with at least 6 months experience and a daily meditation practice.

If we dive deep enough into the sea, we reach a depth where the body is no longer buoyant enough to float nor heavy enough to sink. We remain suspended, hanging in deep blue space, able to move in any direction without the least bit of friction. This place is called the doorway to the deep and it promises to open us to our true nature, our deepest potential when freed from afflictive mental states that bind us to suffering, by either taking us back to the surface or pulling us under. From this place we discover a more creative response to life, full of awareness, love and transformation.

This course includes a day retreat on Sunday the 19th of April.

5 evenings
Thu 26 Mar - Thu 23 Apr 2020
incl. a day retreat Sun 19 Apr 10.00-17.00
With: Singhashri
£45 concession

Going Deeper
Booking required

SAVE THE DATE: Triratna Community Day (Sat 4 April 2020)

This year's pan-London Triratna Day is going to be a pilgrimage from Amen Corner where Bhante Sangharakshita 'suddenly awoke to the complete absurdity of the mind being tied down to a physical body' to the basement in Monmouth Street where Triratna began.

We'll be stopping at key places along the way where some of the people who were actually there all those years ago will share their experience.

More details will follow soon - so if you want to join us then save the date (we'll start at 10.45 and finish at 5ish and you can join in at different points if you want).

Hope to see you there!

Saturday 4th April 2020, 11:00 - 17:00
Open to All
No booking required

Metta Day (Sun 26 Apr 2020)

Come and spend a nourishing day retreat immersed in metta - friendliness, kindness, unconditional love. Through talks, meditation, discussion and mindful self-compassion we will explore this transformative practice, how it changes our attitude to ourselves and to the other beings who surround us in the world.

Bring veggie lunch to share

Sun 26 Apr 2020, 10:00-17:00
With: Karunagita, Maitrisambhava
Free event. Suggested donation £30/ £15
Open to All
Booking required

Buddha Day Festival (Sun 10 May 2020)

Join us to celebrate the Buddha’s enlightenment with our Buddha Day festival.

Details closer to the date.

Sun 10 May; 11.00-17.00
By donation
Open to All
No booking required

Listening within - A Focusing workshop

Focusing is a mindfulness based body-awareness practice, often practiced in pairs. It is a great compliment to meditation and can help develop creativity, free up energy, and connect with the body’s innate wisdom.

This introductory workshop will take you through the basics of focusing and provide you with the tools to begin your own focusing practice. The atmosphere will be relaxed and engaged – similar to being on retreat.

Sun 31 May
With: Aryadhara
£65 concession

Open to All
Booking required