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Autumn Sangha Retreat - Wisdom Embodied

An exploration of the multi facetted aspects of wisdom.
Buddhist wisdom is there to be discovered in the in the symbolism of archetypal Buddha forms and in the words and actions of the wise.
Over the course of the weekend paths to wisdom will unfold though our shared practice of meditation, mindfulness, metta, reflection and ritual.

For those who know our Triratna meditation practices.

The retreat will be held at Redfield Retreat Centre in Buckinghamshire.

Fri 25 - Sun 27 Oct 2019
With: Visuddhimati, Lalitaraja
£140 low income
£95 concession

Going Deeper
Booking required (7 places left)

Open Weekend Retreat

Theme will be published closer to the date.

The retreat will be held at the Vajrasana Retreat Centre in Suffolk.

Fri 6. - Sun 8. Dec 2019
With: Ratnaprabha, Karunagita
£145 low income
£95 concession

Open to All
Booking required