The Centre

We offer a wide range of activities to promote health, happiness and wellbeing within the context of our core values of awareness, kindness and generosity. Our aim is to develop a Buddhist practice community in the city, relevant to our lives in the 21st century.

The Buddhist Centre opened to the public in 2003. The centre is well equiped with two shrine rooms, two study / course rooms and a large reception area with a bookshop and a small cafe area. We aimed to make the design of the building as environmentally friendly as possible using reclaimed wooden flooring and electricity generated from renewable recourses.

The North London Buddhist Centre was started up by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order which was founded by Sangharakshita in 1967. It is part of an international network of the Triratna Buddhist Community, with over 80 centres worldwide.

About Meditation

We offer practices to explore our experience and understand the essential principles of meditation. We teach methods for the development of awareness, positive emotion, self knowledge, transformation and insight.

About Buddhism

We offer courses and classes to explore key Dharma (Buddhist teaching) principles and their relevance to our particular circumstances. Our teachers’ approach is informal and friendly, with plenty of opportunity for discussion and space for reflection.

Our charges and dana

We run the centre on the basis of generosity (dana), a fundamental Buddhist practice. Our charges are set at an affordable level to allow as many people as possible to benefit. Income from classes and events is not enough, on its own, to cover our running costs. We rely on additional donations and practical help from volunteers to keep our beautiful centre up and running. We are very appreciative of the amazing generosity of all those who participate in our activities and give their time, money and energy to help the centre. If you would like to give an extra donation to help keep the centre running, do consider making a regular donation by filling out our Standing Order Form. We are able to reclaim tax on donations from UK taxpayers, and this makes quite a difference to our income.

Charity No 801632.