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Women’s class - every second Saturday of the Month

Women’s class with guest speakers:

14 Sept - We will have Amaragita as guest for the first time. Drawing on her ‘Mandala of resilience’ work, she will facilitate a workshop physically mapping out and moving around a mandala to help bring awareness and clarity to different aspects of our lives and practice. Highly recommended.

12 Oct - Dhiraprabha will talk about the theme of ‘home’. As Bhante Sangharakshita said: ‘Commitment is primary, context is secondary’ - it’s not about what our situation is but what that means to us and how our relationship with home supports our practice. Dhiraprabha and Karunagita will have an informal interview/ conversation on the subject and then broaden out to reflection and discussion. Do join us, whatever your situation. Other event to mention: Karunagita will be giving a talk in the morning of the 12 Oct on 'Going forth' which is related to women's class topic; start 11.30am

9 Nov - There is an event for Mitras and Order Members at the NLBC this afternoon so there will be no women’s class in Nov. However, do come to the monthly public talk at 11.30 by Dhammamegha. If you are a Mitra or Order Member do join us for the afternoon.

14 Dec - tbc

Every second Saturday of the month,
10 Aug, 14 Sept, 12 Oct, (9 Nov see description), 14 Dec
With: Karunagita and Team
By donation
Open to All
No booking required