Order & Mitra Sangha

Becoming a Mitra

‘Mitra’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘friend’. A Mitra is someone who has been practising at their local Triratna Buddhist Centre for a while and wants to express his or her commitment to the sangha (community).

A mitra asserts three things:

  • I think of myself as a Buddhist.
  • I am trying to practice the five precepts.
  • I feel that the Triratna Buddhist Community is the main context in which I want to deepen my practice..

If you would like to know more or discuss becoming a mitra please get in touch with Santva (women’s mitra convenor) or Kusala (men’s mitra convenor).

Order / Mitra Events,

The Courage to Teach

At this 2nd gathering we’ll be exploring learning styles and the art of asking good questions. What is our own learning style and how does it impact our teaching? What about how our students learn? How can we design and carry out teaching that meets the various styles of our students? How do we get curious alongside our students? How do we support them to open to their direct experience in ways that lead to self-discovery and insight?

Please join us for this 2nd gathering, out of 6 being offered over the next year. You do not need to have participated in our first gathering to attend.

Open to any and all Order members and GFR mitras already teaching or interested in starting to teach.

Please bring lunch to share. Dana contributions will be welcome.

Sun 6 Oct 2019; 10.00-17.00
With: Singhashri
Free event. Donations welcome.
Order Member
Booking required

Afternoon for Mitras and Order members: The Buddha's Mindfulness - the Sutta of Mindful Breathing

details closer to the date

Sat 9 Nov 2019; 14.30-17.00;
shared lunch from 13.30-14.30pm
With: Ratnaprabha, Santva, Kusala
Free event. Donations welcome.
No booking required