Order & Mitra Sangha

Becoming a Mitra

‘Mitra’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘friend’. A Mitra is someone who has been practising at their local Triratna Buddhist Centre for a while and wants to express his or her commitment to the sangha (community).

A mitra asserts three things:

  • I think of myself as a Buddhist.
  • I am trying to practice the five precepts.
  • I feel that the Triratna Buddhist Community is the main context in which I want to deepen my practice..

If you would like to know more or discuss becoming a mitra please get in touch with Santva (women’s mitra convenor) or Kusala (men’s mitra convenor).

Order / Mitra Events,

Mandala Afternoon (Sat 7 Mar 2020)

If you come regularly to the North London Buddhist Centre, you are part of this Sangha, and the mandala afternoon is a time to practise together, and to connect. Engagement :: inclusion :: connection :: intensity :: meditation :: ritual :: open discussion.

You can meet members of the governing council (trustees) of the Buddhist centre, bringing ideas and questions and concerns, and listening to each other.

Sat 7 Mar 2020; 14.00-17.00
With: Ratnaprabha, Karunagita
Free event. Donations welcome.
Going Deeper
No booking required

SAVE THE DATE: Triratna Community Day (Sat 4 April 2020)

This year's pan-London Triratna Day is going to be a pilgrimage from Amen Corner where Bhante Sangharakshita 'suddenly awoke to the complete absurdity of the mind being tied down to a physical body' to the basement in Monmouth Street where Triratna began.

We'll be stopping at key places along the way where some of the people who were actually there all those years ago will share their experience.

More details will follow soon - so if you want to join us then save the date (we'll start at 10.45 and finish at 5ish and you can join in at different points if you want).

Hope to see you there!

Saturday 4th April 2020, 11:00 - 17:00
Open to All
No booking required