Buddhism Classes

Saturday Morning Meditation and Buddhism Drop-in class

We start with meditation at 10:15. After the tea break, you can continue to explore meditation, or alternatively you can join the Buddhism option. Our new theme is "The Eight Ways of the Noble Ones".

On the second Saturday of each month there is a talk on one of these themes (click here), and on the other Saturdays we get together to explore the topic further. All are welcome, and you don't need to come each week.

Saturdays 10.15-12.45
With: Ratnaprabha & Sat morning team
£10/ £5 (concession)
Open to All
No booking required

Sangha Night

Lalitaraja, Santva, Manjumitra, Khemananda and guest Order Members take turns to lead evenings, practising and communicating Buddhism.

A Sangha evening might include a talk, meditation, discussion, workshop, devotional practice, and tea.

It is helpful if you have had an introduction to the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana meditation practices. All welcome.

Every Monday 19:00 - 21:30 (except Bank holidays).
Some evenings start with a shared meal at 18:30
With: Khemananda, Lalitaraja, Manjumitra, Santva, and various order members
Free. Donations welcome.
Open to All
No booking required

Under 35's Alternative Friday Night

Are you between 18 and 35 and looking for something new to do on a Friday night? Are you sick of doing the usual thing, or just fancy doing something different?

Come along to meditate, explore the teachings of Buddhism and connect with like-minded people. Our monthly evening will be a radical approach to Friday night!

Upcoming speakers and topics:
6th Dec - Sagarasila - The ideal of friendship
10th Jan - Devamitra - Responding to Craving and Desire
24th Jan - Moksadhi - Peace is a fire
7th Feb - Prajnaketu - How to fall in (and out of) love: a Buddhist perspective
21 Feb - tbc
6th Mar - Vajragupta - Time

With late night tea bar after.

Friday evening (fortnightly)
with late night tea bar after
On 10 Jan, 24 Jan, 7 Feb, 21 Feb, 6 Mar
With: Under 35s team & guest speaker
Free event. Donations welcome.
Open to All
No booking required

Live Budcasts: The Eight Ways of the Noble Ones (titles and speakers might change)

A new series of the monthly Saturday morning Budcast talks and podcasts starts 11 Jan at 11:30.

All welcome. Free event. Suggested donation £5. You can listen to the podcasts of the talks Please click here

11 Jan - "How far can we go?" - A Buddha vision - with Akashamitra

8 Feb - "Who is driving?" with Vajramitra

14 Mar "Talking matters to Buddhists" - Skilful speech in Buddhism - with Karunagita

11 Apr - "Living lightly - Buddhist ideas on the effect we have" with Singhashri

In the weeks between, do come to a discussion group around themes from the talk as part of the Saturday morning class starting at 10:15.

Every second Saturday of the month:
Sat 11 Jan, Sat 8 Feb, Sat 14 Mar and Sat 11 Apr
With: Ratnaprabha & Sat morning team
Free event. Suggested donation £5.
Open to All
No booking required

Women's class - every second Saturday of the month

11 Jan - "Touching Compassion" with Vajraghanta. At the start of a new decade we will take the opportunity to reflect on our lives and set intentions with compassion. Vajraghanta has many years of experience facilitating communication workshops. All welcome.

8 Feb - Reflections on Amoghasiddhi, the mysterious archetypal Buddha of the North' with Shraddhasara. The archetypal Buddhas communicate a message about our potential, this message is communicated through symbol, sound, myth and poetry.

14 Mar - An afternoon with Singhashri marking International Women’s Day: As Buddhist women and gender non-conforming people, how might we respond to the current social, climate and ecological crises we face in the world today? What is the unique contribution we can bring to collective efforts to find new ways forward that honour all people, animals and the planet? What is the middle way between anger and apathy?

11 Apr - The class coincides with Easter weekend so Karunagita will pick up on topical themes of spiritual death and rebirth, including experiential exercises, discussion and ritual.

every second Saturday of the month:
14 Mar, 11 Apr, 9 May, 13 June, 11 July & 8 Aug
With: Karunagita and Team
Free event. Donations welcome.
Open to All
No booking required

Regular Study Groups

We offer opportunities to explore Buddhism in more depth in a regular weekly study group. These are by invitation. If you are interested ask one of our regular class teachers for more information.