Buddhism Courses

The Path of Positivity

The course is hosted by the Tuesday class - no need to book - just turn up.

An exploration of how Buddhist ethics helps us develop kindness and awareness.

7 Tue evenings
Tue 28 May - Tue 9 July 2019
With: Maitrisambhava
£10/5 per evening (£70/35 for whole course)
Open to All
No booking required

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation (start Wed 26 June)

Are you curious about Buddhism?

This 4 week course will introduce the Buddha, his teaching (Dharma) and the followers of his teaching (Sangha).

We will also explore the 'Mindfulness of Breathing' and the 'Metta Bhavana' practices.

4 Wed evenings
Wed 26 June - Wed 17 July 2019
With: Santva, Satyapurna
£28 concession

Booking required

The Five Spiritual Faculties (start 4 July)

A Buddhism course based on the 5 Spiritual faculties, for those who want to take their practice deeper.

Karunagita will draw on her experience of this fundamental Buddhist teaching during her recent 3-month intensive retreat and encourage participants to recognise the 5 spiritual faculties in their own life and practice.

5 Thur evenings
Thu 4 Jul – Thu 1 Aug 2019
With: Karunagita
£35 concession

Going Deeper
Booking required

Buddhism courses for Regulars

With the Tuesday class team or invited guest teachers - Satyanathin, Visuddhimati, Vajramitra and other experienced teachers

Tues 7pm – 9.30pm (usually 6 weeks).

Course cost: £45/£20 if booked in advance.

Weekly drop in rate £10/£5.

Please enquire about the next starting date.

Ongoing courses with members of the Tuesday evening class team. Meditation, tea break and introductory Buddhism in the context of the class. If you cannot make the whole course it is also fine to drop in for individual evenings.

Suitable for anyone who has already learned the two basic meditation practices and wants to go deeper.

Regular Study Groups

We offer opportunities to explore Buddhism in more depth in a regular weekly study group. These are by invitation. If you are interested ask one of our regular class teachers for more information.