Buddhism Retreats

TO BE CONFIRMED Opening the Gates of the Senses - Weekend Retreat at Vajrasana (Fri 3 - Sun 5 July 2020)

Going on retreat is one of the most powerful of Buddhist practices – taking time and space, surrounded by nature, to let go of the pressures of daily life and allow the mind naturally to relax and open. There’ll be a simple programme of meditation, study/discussion groups and devotional practice, with plenty of time to do nothing, go for walks or hang out together.

Our retreat location is in the beautiful and highly supportive conditions of Vajrasana, an award winning purpose built Buddhist retreat centre in the midst of the Suffolk countryside, easily accessible from London.

Booking via the West London Buddhist Centre website Please click here to book.

Fri 3 - Sun 5 July 2020
With: Bodhilila, Ratnaprabha
£195/ £170 / £140
Open to All
Booking Information in Description

Dancing with the Elements - Summer Retreat in Spain (Sun 9 - Sat 15 August 2020)

Dancing with the Elements and Opening into the Element of Space Summer retreat At Suryavana Retreat Centre, Spain.
Amalamati, Lalitaraja and Visuddhimati invite you on a journey to explore the elements and discover spaciousness through arts and ritual on a retreat in Spain - near Valencia. Using music, art and movement we will be exploring the elements and drawing inspiration from the arts practice of each of the leaders. Lalitaraja is a professional dancer, Visuddhimati is a visual artist, and Amalamati is a professional pianist.
To book contact Sudaka: info@suryavana.es - discount for early bookings, and if you book with a friend

9 - 15 August 2020
With: Amalamati, Lalitaraja, Visuddhimati
390/340 Euros
Open to All
Booking Information in Description