Meditation Courses

Life with Full Attention – A practical course in Buddhist Mindfulness (start 12 Oct)

Mindfulness has become a modern buzzword, but its roots reach back 2,500 years to the early teachings of the Buddha. His ancient mindfulness practices still work brilliantly in helping us face the underlying causes of stress and suffering in the lives of ourselves and others. The Buddha's own original teaching of mindfulness is found in the Satipatthana Sutta, which explains how to place careful attention on different aspects of experience, deeply see their significance, and creatively transform them.

Mindfulness is about living fully and vividly, without rumination or distraction. This course will teach a systematic approach to mindfulness and authentic happiness, starting with applying mindfulness in everyday life.

The bestselling book Life with Full Attention by Maitreyabandhu will be our guide to daily practice, provided free with the course.

8 Sat mornings 10:30-13:00
Sat 12 Oct to 7 Dec 2019
!! with 1 wk break on Sat 2 Nov
With: Amalayodhin, Anandavajra
£100 concession

Open to All
Booking required (13 places left)

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation (start 23 Oct 2019)

Meditation helps us to develop awareness and mindfulness as well as positive emotions. It helps us to get to know and change our mind and live a more mindful and richer life. Over time meditation can bring about a gentle but radical transformation.

The course will introduce traditional meditation practices and help you to develop skills in listening and connecting with your body and mind.

Suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience of meditation.

4 evenings
Wed 23 Oct - Wed 13 Nov 2019
With: Ratnaprabha, Shakyasiddhi
£60 waged
£28 concession

Booking required

Are you curious about Buddhism and Meditation? (start 21 Nov)

This 4 week course will introduce the Buddha, his teaching (Dharma) and the followers of his teaching (Sangha). We will focus on the historical Buddha including key stories about his life and enlightenment as well as exploring Buddhist practice - the Buddhist path laid out in his teaching.

The course is open to all and will include space for questions and discussion.

We will also explore the 'Mindfulness of Breathing' and the 'Metta Bhavana' meditation practices.

4 Thu evenings
Thu 21 Nov - Thu 12 Dec 2019;
With: Karunagita
£28 concession

Open to All
Booking required