Meditation Courses

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: (Satipatthana)

An exploration and explanation of the four traditional ways of establishing mindfulness - body (Kaya), feelings (Vedana), mind (Chitta) and Dhammas. There will be a meditation in the first part of the evening which follows our standard format for the Tuesday class. You need to know our Triratna meditation practices.

Four Tuesday evenings 22 Jan - 12 Feb 19:00 - 21:30
With: Satyanathin
Open to All
No booking required

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation: The Four Noble Truths (start 13 Mar 2019)

The ‘Four Noble Truths’ is the earliest and one of the most central teachings in Buddhism. It contains fundamental principles of Buddhist practice in a nutshell. 2500 years later they are still relevant for us today.

The course will explore the teaching itself as well as Buddhist meditation.

4 evenings
Wed 13 Mar - Wed 3 Apr 2019
With: Maitrisambhava
£64 waged
£32 concession

Booking required