Sangha Events

Sangha Evenings
Every Monday except Bank Holidays:
19:00 - 21:30
Some evenings start with a shared meal at 18:30 as indicated on event listing
Special Evenings
With the Sangha Night Team

Monday 4th June 2018

BAM (Buddhist Action Month) Opening Ceremony

Throughout June we explore taking our practice off our meditation cushion and out into the world. Tonight we ritually begin with an opening ceremony and a Puja dedicated to Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha of Action and All Accomplishing Wisdom.

With: Satyapurna

At The North London Buddhist Centre
By donation
No Booking required

Spring into Action - A Working Day Retreat (Mon 28 May - 2nd Bank Holiday)

You are warmly invited to a mindful and companionable practice day. We will be meditating and working together throughout the day.

The focus of the practice day will be the Buddha Shakyamuni and his teaching of being fully present, whether sitting on the cushion, being active or interacting with others.

You can come for the full day or arrive at 10.00 for the morning session, or between 13.00-14.00 for the afternoon session. Sitting down work available.

10.00 – Doors open
10.30 – 13.00 Periods of meditation & work
13.00 – Doors re-open
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break (lunch provided)
14.00 – 16.30 Periods of meditation & work

Monday 28 May 2018
doors open at 10.00 and 13.00
lunch provided
With: Bodhamayi, Dharmaprabha, Satyapurna
Free event.
Open to All
No booking required

BAM! Buddhist Action Month in June

The theme for this year's Buddhist Action Month is "Transforming Self, Transforming World".

The NLBC will be taking part and we are inviting you to take your dharma and meditation practice off the cushion into action!

Some of the activities during BAM! are:

  • Make a pledge on our Tree of Intentions
  • Donations for a local homeless charity
  • Early morning meditation at the centre more info
  • Special BAM themed Sangha Nights more info
  • Throughout June
    Open to All
    No booking required

    8-Step Recovery Group

    A meeting for anyone in recovery from addiction, habitual behaviours and obsessive tendencies.
    Our focus is a text: “Eight Step Recovery Using the Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction” alongside other Buddhist recovery books.

    Meetings will be peer led.
    All donations go towards the running costs of the Buddhist Centre.

    Every Friday 18.30-20.00
    With: Mike
    By donation
    Open to All
    No booking required

    The Alternative Friday Night (Sub35)

    Are you between 18 and 35 and looking for something new to do on a Friday night? Are you sick of doing the usual thing, or just fancy doing something different?

    Come along to meditate, explore the teachings of Buddhism and connect with like-minded people. Our monthly evening will be a radical approach to Friday night!

    With late night tea bar after.

    First Friday of the month
    with late night tea bar after
    On 6 April, 4 May, 1 June, 6 July and 3 August
    With: Sub35 team, and various order members
    Free. Donations welcome.
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Drumming Workshop

    18.00-19.20 African Drum tuition. Suitable for beginners and intermediate.

    19.20-20.00 Drum circle open to all.

    Every Saturday
    With: Shakyasiddhi, Simon & friends
    £12/£10 concession. Drum hire £2
    Open to All
    No booking required

    BAM! Early Morning Meditation 2018

    In our early morning sit we will be focusing on different aspects of the Buddhist Action Month.

    Suitable for people who have done the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana before.

    Morning meditation will be every week day starting Monday 4 June, through to Friday 29 June.

    Every weekday morning 7:30-8:30
    Starting Mon 4 June
    Last session Fri 29 June
    doors open between 7:15-7:30
    With: Karunagita, Santva, Kusaladana, Akashamitra, Satyapurna
    By donation
    Open to All
    No booking required

    BAM! Sangha Nights in June

    This month our Sangha Nights will be themed on Buddhist Action Month. The evenings will be as follows:

  • Mon 4 June: Opening Ceremony led by Satyapurna. Ending with a ritual dedicated to Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha of action.

  • Mon 11 June: Sanghasiha on Deep Ecology. Exploring our relationship with the natural world as Buddhists.

  • Mon 18 June: Akashamitra on Karuna, a Triratna charity. Images and stories from Karuna’s work in India and Nepal, changing discrimination into dignity.

  • Mon 25 June: Closing Ceremony. Ending with a ritual.

  • BAM! Sangha nights:
    Mon 4, 11, 18 and 25 June 2018
    With: Visuddhimati and Friends
    Free event. Donations welcome
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Women’s class - every second Saturday of the Month

    Women’s class with guest speakers:

    9 June – Yashobodhi is coming for the first time - she’s a very experienced and excellent retreat leader and teacher and will focus on working with difficult emotions

    14 July – Dhammagita will lead another workshop with movement and body work

    11 Aug – Karunagita will lead an afternoon unpacking shunyata – emptiness and ungraspability in all its fullness and beauty, including a musical rendition…

    8 Sept – Maitrisambhava and Bodhamayi will answer questions about their first year in the Triratna Buddhist Order

    13 Oct – Vajraghanta leads a workshop on Compassionate Communication

    10 Nov – Details soon

    14-16 Dec - women's class retreat at Vajrasana. Details to follow.

    Every second Saturday of the month,

    apart from 12 May, 10.00-12.45
    With: Karunagita and Team
    By donation
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Young People at NLBC (Sub35)

    Are you between 18 and 35 years old and interested in Buddhism?

    Are you tired of the stories that dominate our personal and public lives? Do you have a sense that there must be something else, but don’t yet know what it is?

    With discussion, exploration and meditation, plus coffee and croissants, we will connect with what is meaningful and ask what Buddhism can offer us to transform ourselves and the world.

    Every third Saturday of the month
    On 21 April, 19 May, 16 June, 21 July and 18 August
    With: Sub35 team
    Free. Donations welcome.
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Men’s class - once a month on Saturday

    A chance to explore the Buddhist Vision through meditation, talks, discussion and hanging out together. Class starts at 14.00; but do join us for lunch from 13.00.

    Class on 19 May: Pleasure and Meaning
    Often the things we enjoy the most- sex, chocolate, alcohol are not the things that give our lives meaning- while the 'spiritual ' things we can find boring- how can we unite pleasure and meaning- and what did the Buddha do about it?

    An afternoon of discussion, talks and mediation.

    Once a month on Saturday 14.00-17.00.

    Class on 19 May, 16 June, 21 July and 18 Aug 2018

    Join us for lunch from 13.00. Please bring vegetarian lunch to share
    With: Kusala, Abhilasa, Aryajit
    By donation
    Open to All
    No booking required

    Summer Solstice Celebration (Thu 21 June 2018)

    Weather permitting we will be celebrating on Hampstead Heath.

    Check for details and meeting point closer to the time.

    Thursday 21st June 2018
    With: Lalitaraja
    By donation.
    Open to All
    No booking required